About Us

Our attorneys come from diverse educational and working backgrounds which add to our collective strength, having attended schools throughout the South and Northeast including Vanderbilt, Davidson, Tulane, American, Georgetown, Emory, Millsaps and Ole Miss. In addition to achieving the highest peer-review professional ratings, our drive to perform at the highest level is illustrated by the distinguished academic and professional careers of our attorneys.

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Clients of Clayton O'Donnell can choose from an array of professional services offered by our firm and consult with our attorneys who are skilled in trial, pretrial and alternative dispute resolution proceedings in business, personal injury, insurance, public entity, family law, employment and criminal defense litigation contexts. Our clients are some of the leading business, corporate and insurance entities doing business in the North Mississippi region.

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Our Philosophy

Active and genuine communication with clients during the progress and conclusion of a particular matter is not incidental to our role as advocates for our clients' interests, it is essential. We are therefore very careful to develop and maintain an open dialogue with our clients which, in our experience, not only serves to aid in properly defining and fine tuning client objectives and expectations, it also serves to enhance the likelihood of successful outcomes.

We also recognize the impact of the recent economic downturn on every sector within the North Mississippi region we serve and therefore we are committed to cost-effective and creative solutions to client matters and providing a real value for the professional services we offer.

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