Our Firm & History



Diverse Skills

Clients of Clayton O'Donnell can choose from an array of professional services offered by our attorneys who excel in a number of practice areas, including business, personal injury, criminal defense, insurance, public entity and workers compensation defense litigation. Our attorneys have developed and taught skills essential for successful mediations, negotiations, pretrial and trial proceedings as applied in particular contexts. We have years of experience as mediators, received mediation training at Harvard Law School, taught negotiations, deposition and trial skills at the University of Mississippi School of Law and spoken at continuing legal education seminars on current topics of special interest to fellow members of the Bar.

Exceptional Personal Attention

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional personal attention that forms the basis for long-term attorney-client relationships. Whether you require aggressive representation in litigating a matter in federal or state court, mediating disputes, handling the acquisition, merger or dissolution of a partnership or corporation or a defense in a criminal matter, Clayton O'Donnell will bring its collective experience to bear on your behalf.

Beyond Litigation

Devotion to the highest standards of achievement, both professional and personal, is further exemplified by our interests that are not strictly "litigation" oriented. Our attorneys, by deed and not by word alone, give back to the legal and non-legal communities we serve. We teach litigation skills at the University of Mississippi School of Law, we write scholarly articles and practice manuals for the legal community on national, regional and state levels. We give presentations to legal and client groups at continuing legal education seminars and conferences. We are active members of our local communities and serve in positions of leadership.